Dog Bite Attack Injuries


Dog Bite Attack Injuries can be devastating, particularly if it is a dog bite injury to the hand. Dogs often feel more protected around people and therefore they may try and playfully pull your hair as they are very playful when it comes to playtime with children. But there can also be serious dog bite injuries to the hand that need to be looked at and treated appropriately. If your dog is attacking someone with a fatal dog bite injury, you need to seek immediate medical attention to stop the dog attack immediately.


It is important to remember that dog bite injuries can occur in all areas of the United States. Most of the reported dog attacks take place in California, Florida, Illinois, and in the Maryland area. Although many cities in these four states have strict laws about owning a dog, these laws are often flouted by owners who do not follow the law. The statistics clearly show that these dog attack injuries are increasing in many cities across the United States.


The most common injuries to people from dog bites are cuts and skin abrasions. Injuries to the face or eyes may result in infection and scarring, sometimes requiring surgery. Other dogs may be allergic to latex and so will attack people with this allergy. In rare cases, dogs may cause anaphylactic shock, a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Other dog attacks can lead to hearing damage or permanent damage to the nerves in the dog’s mouth. While many of these dog attacks are preventable, it is still important to know what you can expect from dog attacks.


Dogs are very unpredictable and can inflict injuries even when the attacked is protected. Some dogs may never return after a seemingly friendly act. Other dogs may run amok and attack any human in sight. Aggressive or frightened dogs may attack children and other pets that come within their range. All of these reasons make it important that you learn about bite injuries so you can recognize signs of danger and take action if your dog attacks someone.


Once you identify dog bite injuries, you may need to file a police report, and contact a medical professional. Depending on the severity of the injury, your medical bills could be astronomical, especially if the dog attack was inflicted as the result of an assault. Not only will you need medical treatment for the physical injuries caused by the dog attack, but you will also incur veterinary bills that may include treatment for the animal and medications for their health problems. These types of expenses can add up fast.


To help reduce the emotional stress that can follow dog bite injuries, you may want to consider hiring an attorney to represent you. A good attorney can not only help you deal with the legal aspects of the case, but he or she can also make sure you receive fair compensation for the damages. You will likely have a settlement agreement to draft with the dog bite attorney, so you need to be sure you understand the terms before you agree to any settlement offers. It is critical that you fully understand the amount of time you will have to recover from your injuries, the duration of which will probably be dictated by the severity of your injury and any other mitigating circumstances. An attorney can advise you on how best to protect your rights and obtain the maximum possible damages for your injuries.


To help you through the settlement process, your dog bite lawyer can give you guidance and counsel regarding insurance issues, which may impact your ability to successfully pursue a case against the dog’s owner. There are laws in place that specifically address dogs’ owners and provide protections for dog owners against liabilities and damages caused by their dog bites. It is vital that you speak with an attorney who has experience working with dog bite injuries caused by defective products and dog attacks. In particular, these laws require dog owners to ensure that their dogs are properly immunized, while they are using those products, as well as providing proof of these immunizations upon request. An experienced dog bite lawyer understands all of the issues surrounding liability in this area of the law and can guide you in seeking damages from the responsible party.


Your dog bite attack attorney can also help you with determining fault and other important matters regarding your case. Many dog owners fail to take reasonable care of their dogs and this can result in significant injuries and medical expenses. In some cases, dog owners intentionally injure their dogs in ways that cause further injuries. Your attorney can advise you on the legalities of dog bite injuries caused by such deliberate actions.

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