Dog Bite Injuries and Compensation

dog attack injuries

Not all dog attack injuries are inflicted via actual bites. Dogs can also injure humans by charging at them, clawing them or jumping on them in a way that makes them fall and become startled. A dog that is particularly territorial and prone to leaping upon people and other animals is particularly likely to cause these types of injuries. These include dog bite wounds from “friendly” fights between dogs.


But dog bites can cause more than just bruises and cuts. Many times, dog attack injuries result in severe pain and often require months or years of rehabilitation and care. Even the smallest dog bite can have very significant long-term effects. The most common injuries resulting from dog bites include stitches from dog bites and the dog’s primary bite, the punctured fur layer that is damaged when the dog claws its victim. Other dog bite injuries may include tissue damage to the skin, blood clots or deep bruising of the face or neck. Often, these injuries will affect one or more areas of the body and require months of physical therapy.


Not only do these dog bite injuries cause physical harm, but they often cause psychological harm as well. Many dog bite victims feel guilty and blame themselves for the attacks, especially if the attacked dog belongs to a breed that is known for attacking people. Unfortunately, many people who suffer dog attack injuries tend to ignore the fact that they were in fact the victim of an assault by a dog, and refuse to accept that they might have been provoked.


Some dog attack injuries result in death. This is usually the result of blunt force trauma, such as that experienced when being stabbed with a fork or clawed with a claw hammer. Although dog bites can lead to death in some cases, the vast majority of injuries that result in death require medical attention. For example, if a dog is involved in a road traffic accident, most of the time the dog’s wounds will be superficial. However, if the dog is attacked by another dog, even a toy breed, and it does not die, the dog bite injuries it receives could result in death due to lack of medical treatment. A dog that is not given medical attention in a timely manner may also struggle to survive another attack, since wounds from previous attacks become more severe as time goes by.


Injuries caused by dog attacks are very common. In fact, the most common injuries suffered by dogs during dog attacks occur on the lower legs, wrists and abdomens. Common injuries suffered from dog bites include deep lacerations, broken bones, nerve damage, blood clots and temporary partial paralysis. Unfortunately, many of these dog attack injuries remain untreated. In some cases, dogs may even go on to cause more dog attacks, since they are left weakened by their injuries.


Even if you have suffered one or more dog attack injuries, it is important to contact a dog attack lawyer. A qualified dog bite attorney can help you get the medical attention you need, as well as legal representation. An attorney who specializes in dog injury law will understand all of your rights and how to best represent you in court. He will know the procedures required for filing a lawsuit, how to testify effectively, and what strategies are more likely to result in your dog’s owners being held responsible for the injuries they caused their dog. You’ll be able to breathe easy once you have a good dog bite attorney on your side.


Many dog attack cases result in nothing more than a slap on the wrist with a fine. Although this may seem like a satisfactory settlement, there is a reason for this. Most commonly, a slap on the wrist will result in the negligent owner being held liable for only the amount of money spent on medical bills and court costs. This may not include the cost of hiring a dog bite attorney to fight for your right to compensation. If you have been wrongfully injured in such an instance, contact a lawyer right away.


A dog bite attorney will not only fight for your right to compensation, but will also do everything in his power to get the owner’s liable party convicted of animal cruelty. There have been cases where dogs have died due to being choked to death, thrown through doors, or struck by vehicles. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact a lawyer today.

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