Dog Bite Injury and Psychological Trauma

Dog Bite Injury

Did you know that dog bite injuries can turn into dog attack injuries very quickly? This is because the dog may not have any previous history of attacking people or pets. Dogs will often accidentally injure another dog, cat, bird or person without realizing the seriousness of their actions. Dogs …

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Dog Bite Injuries and Compensation

Dog Bite Injuries

Not all dog attack injuries are inflicted via actual bites. Dogs can also injure humans by charging at them, clawing them or jumping on them in a way that makes them fall and become startled. A dog that is particularly territorial and prone to leaping upon people and other animals …

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Preventing a Bridger Dog Attack

Bridger Dog Attack

Bridger Dog Attack can be devastating to any dog enthusiast, but it can be even more so if it’s your own beloved pet that gets the bad end of the stick. While many dogs may bite because they are defending their owners, some dogs will bite because they are frustrated …

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What Is a Dog Psychology Center?

Dog Psychology Center

Psychology Center Welcome to the second Fundamentals of Dog Training and Behavior session of Millan’s Dog Psychology Center at Millan’s Dog Psychology Institute in Davie, Florida, the second of the series. This time, the program, bringing together dog enthusiasts from across the planet, will feature participants from Australia, Germany, Brazil, …

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Why Dogs Attack Their Paws

Why Dogs Attack

Why Dogs Attack There are a number of theories surrounding why dogs attack their feet. One such theory is that dogs are genetically-prone to attack their own paws. It is thought that dogs were domesticated from wolves, and that they could have also been victim of genetic degradation, perhaps due …

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How To Choose Dog Attack Attorneys

Dog Attack Attorneys

Dog Attack Attorneys In any dog attack case, it is very important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible because you never know how long the process will take. There are several aspects that need to be considered when you are searching for an experienced dog bite attorney …

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Dog Attack Lawsuits

Dog Attack

Dog Attack If you’ve ever had a dog bite, you know that the consequences of the attack can be emotionally and physically traumatic in nature. Those who have suffered serious injury from a dog bite may require extensive medical treatment, which may include reconstructive surgery to alleviate physical scarring or …

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