The Bridger Dog Attack Video May Save Your Dog’s Life

A good bridger dog attack video clip can save the lives of any dog owner. Even though we would all want to believe the best of our dogs, there are some bad apples who make it their business to infiltrate the dog ownership group. One of these “bad apples,” turned into a well-known “shooter” of innocent dogs, has recently made news by attempting to poison a police detective during his investigation of a missing child.

bridger dog attack video


The story makes national news and is being reported on various dog enthusiast web sites. Although this particular attack video clip was released many months ago, it seems to have been gaining popularity recently. Perhaps it is because the dog owner who shot the video, contacted law enforcement and is cooperating with them in the pursuit of justice for this innocent boy.


A good thing or a bad thing, really, depends upon your point of view. The “good guys” who are rescuing the child from the “bad guys,” must have the benefit of the doubt when viewing the bridger dog attack video clip. They must see the good nature in this dog, which cannot be disputed, even though some might dispute the dog’s temperament. However, no dog owner who values his or her dog enough to shoot the dog if needed, should ever give the dog up for adoption or return it to the pet store.


We would all love to have our own Pit Bull, or any other dog of any size or breed. We may even have a beautiful Rottweiler or Doberman, but dogs are man’s best friend, and they make wonderful companions. It just doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have if you have a family, a home, or even a career that requires the dog’s services. We have watched enough TV shows to know that domestic dogs are routinely abused, sometimes to the point of death.


That is why it is critical to start training your dog as soon as possible. Training a dog should begin when it is still a puppy, and you should start training at about a year of age. In addition to teaching the dog basic commands, such as sit, stay, come, and close the door when called, you also need to establish the dog’s place in your pack. You should always be the alpha in the household, and the dog needs to realize that you are the leader.


The second part of this training process involves conditioning your dog with positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is a reward for good behavior, so always make sure your dog knows what you expect of him, and give him a treat when he behaves well. This will quickly correct bad behavior like jumping on people, chewing, barking, and digging. If you’ve never used positive conditioning before, you should definitely consider using DVDs, books, or websites that have training advice on positive reinforcement. You can use this method with other dogs as well, and it will teach them how to behave as well.


Finally, in addition to stopping the attack, you should try to calm the dog down as well. If you have not already subdued the dog, then it is time to do so. Use treats and soothing voice commands to put him into a calm mode. Once he is in this state, you should call him gently and physically in an excited manner, like you were excited to see him.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you understand the behavior of a dog in an emergency. Understanding how the dog attacks can help you prevent him from hurting anyone else. If the attack was extreme, you should consult a vet, but keep in mind that most attacks are relatively mild. If your dog attacks someone, try not to fight back! Contact a local animal rescue, or take the dog to the veterinarian, and let them deal with the problem.

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