The Dangers of Horse Attacks

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A series of dog attacks on horses in North Carolina has left many residents feeling vulnerable. A dog that attacked a horse in North Carolina last week. The dog owner escaped unhurt, but the horse took its toll upon the people who were riding in the horse drawn carriage. Here is a look at what could happen if you ride in a horse drawn carriage in North Carolina and what you can do to protect yourself.


One video circulated on the internet showed a vicious dog attack on a horse in North Carolina, with the dog unleashing an attack that killed the horse. The attack happened in Charlotte, North Carolina around dusk on Sunday, according to witnesses. A dog that was being transported in a horse drawn carriage was carrying two young girls and their infant baby when they strolled along a North Carolina park, police said. The dog bit the girl on the leg, instantly causing pain and bleeding. The child was dragged to a nearby hotel where emergency workers arrived and the girl died of asphyxiation, the witness said.


It’s not always clear what triggered the attack. Many observers speculate that it may have been provoked by the loud noise of a vehicle passing by. But there are other incidents in the news where dogs have caused death or injury. So here’s what you should know about dog attacks on horses. It may save your life!


A man who was riding in a horse drawn carriage was attacked last week in Fayetteville. Surveillance video footage showed the dog rushing toward the carriage from the driver’s side, pouncing as he jumped onto the back of the carriage. The attack occurred at about 5:00 p.m. on Sunday as the man and other passengers were entering a wooded area off a country road near milepost number five in Blairsville. An ambulance picked up the victim, who had difficulty breathing and later died at the hospital.


An attack happened on a South Carolina horse trail last week. A three-year-old pony named Scout was riding with a family in the woods when a dog charged toward the animal and bit the horse in the upper hoof area. The child was dragged several yards before the dog finally ran away. The family’s dog, a registered non-aggressive breed, did not bite the child.


There are times when a dog attacks a horse without provocation. It happens all of the time. The dog may be owned by someone who is unfamiliar with the horse and has never taken any training lessons regarding proper handling of the animal. People with bad attitudes and no knowledge of proper control methods can also be responsible for an attack happening on a horse.


Regardless of how the dog acts, many people have lost their lives to dog attacks. If you have a horse or intend to own one in the future, it is your responsibility to know the dynamics of animal behavior and the responsibility of owning a horse. You should take every precaution to avoid an accident. Do not leave your horse alone in a room with a stranger. Take care of your dog, and keep him safe from dog attacks.


Even if a dog is bred to be friendly, there are inherent dangers with owning a dog. Horses have a tendency to become overly friendly when they are ridden, but there are always exceptions. If you are considering purchasing a horse or are already planning to do so, be sure to research the situation thoroughly. Make sure there aren’t any complaints filed against the owner. If you plan to keep your own pet, be aware that some states allow owners to possess a dog, but not a horse at the same time.

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