What Kind of Dog Is Poodle Standard Care and Features

What Kind of Dog Is Poodle Standard Care and Features

Poodle Origin

In short , the Poodle or the ” Canishe  Poodle in France, which is considered to be its origin, is a dog breed whose origin is thought to belong to France. According to the information we have, when we look at the history of Poodle dogs, we see that these dogs first started to exist in Western Europe 400 years ago. Considered to be a breed that was produced as a result of the mating of Barbet and Belgian Water Hound breeds, Poodles were used as hunting dogs, guard dogs and shepherd dogs considering their abilities at that time.

There are miniature, standard and giant types of the Poodle breed , which we have divided into three different sizes, but there is no difference between these species except for physical differences. After a while, the French  rescued the Poddles from being hunting dogs and, taking into account their characteristic features, turned these dogs into show dogs and pets. Today, Poddle dogs are dogs that are used  as show and show dogs , as in the French .

he hair of Poodle dogs, which can have an average dog size and weight, is seen as curly or fluffy. They can be predominantly white, yellow and black, and plain colors. They have a square and extremely proportional physique. The structure of their eyes is oval and their eye color is dark. Due to the differences in shaving of these dogs for centuries, their appearance may be different from what we are used to. So, keep in mind that there may be differences in appearance between a shaved Poodle you see online and an unshaven Poodle you see up close.

Weight:  Males 20 – 32 kg / Females 20 – 27 kg
Height:  Males 38 cm and above / Females 38 cm and above
Lifetime:  12-15 years

Poodle Character

  • Poodles are extremely cheerful and playful animals.
  • Although it is a breed that can force other animals in the house from time to time due to its high energy, it can establish very good relationships, especially with small children.
  • This breed, which has an intelligent and agile structure, is one of the most talented dog breeds.
  • Because they are dogs that can be trained easily and can put most of what they see in training into function better than you expect.
  • Poodles with a very high intelligence level can be raised as a pet, or they can be raised as a hunting dog, guard dog or show dog if desired.
  • Poodles hate to be left alone as they are extremely friendly and social animals.
  • This breed, which has a cheerful temperament, can live for many years if fed with love.

Poodle Care

Poodles , and especially miniature and standard breeds, are dogs that can adapt to apartment life, but due to their high energy, it is very difficult for them to throw their energy away in the home or apartment environment. If it is desired to be fed in the apartment, Poodle should be taken care of every day, time should be spared, daily and regular body exercises should be done.

As we mentioned in the character traits, the Poodle is an attention-hungry animal. It would be a big mistake to get a Poodle if you don’t show enough attention. They are quite curious about water. As a result of these features , the Poodle breed enjoys bathing and loves long walks.

Due to the curly nature of their hair, they need to be constantly combed and shaved when they grow. The feathers of their ears should be kept under constant control and excess hair should be removed. It is also a dog that sheds very little .

Poodle Health

The Poodle breed can live longer than other dogs . However, as in most dog breeds, these dogs have diseases and problems that they are prone to . These; Cataract, progressive retinal atrophy, blindness, von Willebrand’s disease, allergy, skin problems, hip dysplasia, eye discharge, ear infections, digestive system problems. In addition, the coat of brown poodles may begin to turn gray at a young age.

Poodle Relationship with Children

he Poodle breed is literally a family dog. These dogs, which also adapt to apartment life, get along very well with children. He also enjoys playing games with children. He is also affectionate towards strangers .

These dogs are also good with other dogs and other animals. It is a dog breed that does not prefer to become aggressive and aggressive  as its general structure .

These dogs are a breed identified with France. You can read our article above to have more detailed information about poodle dogs, which are generally preferred as show dogs.

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