Why Dogs Attack Their Paws

Why Dogs Attack There are a number of theories surrounding why dogs attack their feet. One such theory is that dogs are genetically-prone to attack their own paws. It is thought that dogs were domesticated from wolves, and that they could have also been victim of genetic degradation, perhaps due to a lack of prey animals to prey on. It therefore makes sense that dogs would want to get back into the hunting scene as soon as possible. This is one theory as to why dogs attack their paws; however, this has never been scientifically proven.

Why Dogs Attack Their Paws


Another common theory as to the cause of why dogs attack their paws is because they are defending their paws against their owner. A dog will sometimes attack if it senses that it is being attacked or threatened in some way. A dog may also have been trained to guard a home, and may react aggressively to any attempts to intrude into the home. If the dog is owned by someone who is constantly threatening the dog, then this can aggravate the pet and lead to an attack. The owner may be trying to force the dog to stop acting out, but without training, a dog will often refuse to submit.


The second common cause of an attack is that the dog is defending its own paws against the intruder. The dog may have been trained to attack intruders who make physical contact with the dog. The dog may also react strongly when it feels pain or fear, similar to a human would feel if they were being threatened. The animal may either attempt to flee, or will attack to try to subdue the intruder.


The third common reason why dogs attack their feet is because the owner does not know how to properly care for the pet. This is especially true in the case of puppies or younger dogs. Training is often the first step in taking care of a puppy and should continue even after the puppy has become a fully-grown dog. Proper nutrition is important as well; a lack of exercise can result in obesity, which may lead to poor health and disease.


Often owners will want to take their dogs to obedience classes, but this is a very expensive proposition. This is not always a bad thing, however, as many dogs learn better through training and interaction with their owners. Owners should remember that it is never healthy to train their dog to obey them. It should always be the owner’s responsibility to teach their pet. Unfortunately, many owners neglect this important task, resulting in unhealthy dogs.


Some dogs may have inherited a predisposition to attacking their own feet, but this is not usually the reason for the attacks. Rather, dogs with skin problems, warts, tumors, or fleas, are more susceptible to this type of issue. The most common symptom is redness around the foot. The dog may also rub his toes on areas he does not belong to. In some cases, the offending dog will not show any symptoms at all, and the redness will only present itself later.


Another of the many reasons why dogs attack their paws is arthritis. It is natural for dogs to feel more comfortable around their owners if they can move comfortably. If your dog spends a lot of time in an uncomfortable cage, or if you cannot stand the stiffness of his stiff muscles, he may be suffering from arthritis. This is an extremely serious problem and one you should immediately seek help for.


An underactive thyroid gland may be another cause. Excessive weight loss and aging can lead to underactive thyroids. Excessive weight can also cause the muscles in the body to become fatigued, which will eventually lead to an attack on the feet. Finally, dogs that suffer from foot problems may have an organ called the retractor longus muscle that has slipped out of place. The muscle allows the foot to hang freely, but if it becomes infected or injured, the dog will begin to feel discomfort when he moves his feet.

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