Dog Attack Lawsuits

Dog Attack If you’ve ever had a dog bite, you know that the consequences of the attack can be emotionally and physically traumatic in nature. Those who have suffered serious injury from a dog bite may require extensive medical treatment, which may include reconstructive surgery to alleviate physical scarring or disfiguration. A dog bite lawsuit in Florida is one way that injured victims can seek compensation for their injuries. This article will discuss how the law may impact your personal injury case.

Dog Attack Lawsuit


Florida Statute of Limitations. Although dog attacks sometimes occur within just a few seconds, dog attacks that occur more than a few seconds usually constitute a longer statute of limitations. Time limits differ across the state. Florida has had the most restrictive time limit on dog bite lawsuits in the country. However, as previously mentioned, Florida has had some leniency with regards to time limits – if you can beat the statute of limitations in your state, you should certainly pursue your lawsuit there.


Excusable Cause. Florida actually has one of the highest cases of animal bites-out-of-town in the nation. As a result, dog attacks have been rising in frequency in recent years. The most common “excusable cause” in a dog bite personal injury lawsuit occurs when the dog owner was “careless, negligent, unmotivated or inattentive of a significant degree,” of the control required by law.


Medical Treatment. If you suffer an attack that results in severe injury or creates deep disfigurement, you may recover compensation for your pain and suffering, as well as for your medical treatment. In order for a dog attack lawsuit to be worth pursuing, it must establish both a “causal link” between the dog bite and the injuries it causes, and the lack of that link can make the case worthless. This is a very subjective area of legal negligence and often depends on whether or not you can successfully argue that the negligent party failed to exercise enough care with regard to the dog.


Medical Treatment. A dog attack lawsuit that makes no attempt to explain the injuries inflicted and the costs of their treatment can’t succeed. That’s why you need a qualified personal injury attorney on your side. This type of case requires the expertise of a specialized legal expert who has both experience and knowledge about the details of Florida law.


Medical Bills. Just as with the dog bites, the costs associated with dog attacks can add up quickly. Whether you’re filing a claim for punitive damages or asking for compensation for pain and suffering, the legal costs can quickly mount up. You might not be able to get any monetary compensation if you have to pay for your own medical bills, for example. Having a good attorney on your side will help ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.


Pain and Suffering. If you’ve suffered an injury as the result of a dog bite attack, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to get some monetary compensation for your pain and suffering. Particularly if you were unable to work after the incident, the suffering can be extensive. If you’ve already had a dog bite injury and are trying to recover from those injuries, you’ll need the expertise of a qualified Florida dog bite lawyer on your side.


The legal fees, even if they only contribute a small percentage of your recovery, can add up to a lot of money. Even if you can prove that you were partly at fault for the dog attack, the injured party may be able to file additional charges against you to recoup past damages. It’s important to have a personal injury attorney on your side as soon as possible, especially if you’re looking to file a lawsuit. You may not be eligible for financial compensation without legal representation. Contact a qualified Miami dog attack lawyer today to learn more about filing a lawsuit and getting the most out of your recovery money.

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