Dog Bite Injury and Psychological Trauma

Did you know that dog bite injuries can turn into dog attack injuries very quickly? This is because the dog may not have any previous history of attacking people or pets. Dogs will often accidentally injure another dog, cat, bird or person without realizing the seriousness of their actions. Dogs that are left unsupervised or even trained (without professional help) can develop aggression or be left with inadequate or improper training. All of these situations constitute negligence and liability on the part of your dog owner and San Diego, CA personal injury attorneys will aggressively work to help you get the financial compensation you deserve.

dog attack injuries


It is important for victims to remember that dog bite injuries do not only include physical injuries to the victim. Many times, emotional stress from the dog attack can lead to depression or post-traumatic stress disorder in the victim. The dog bite injuries can also be a warning of another dog attack or aggressive behavior. If your dog had attacked a person or pet before, you may find it more difficult to get any compensation from the original dog owner.


In cases of dog bite injuries caused by dog attacks, the dog owner may have liability insurance coverage. However, the insurance company will try to limit your recovery by holding the dog owner liable for any potential future dog attacks. In many cases, they will settle out of court rather than go to trial. In addition, some insurance companies will deny the claim because the dog attacks have been so prevalent in the neighborhood that there is no chance of preventative action. The insurance company will simply pay you what the past has already stolen from you.


There are other dog attack injuries that may require medical attention. One common dog bite injury is the presence of deep lacerations and scars. Deep wounds require veterinary care, as well as reconstructive surgery. You may also incur long term health problems from the dog bite injuries. These medical issues can range from permanent brain damage to blindness.


Psychological problems are more common among dog bite victims. Often, dog owners will not take the dog to the vet right away, even when the dog is biting or attacking another dog or person. When dog bite injuries are severe, dog owners will resist treatment for their dog by telling the doctors that the dog is “just playing.” This excuse not only prolongs the dog bite injuries, but it also protects the dog owner from being held responsible for his or her dog’s injuries. The courts often refuse to allow dog bite injuries to be classified as dog attacks if the dog is merely playing with another dog or human.


Some dog owners may try to blame the victims for dog attacks by pointing fingers at them and saying that they provoked the dog to attack them. This is a very common excuse for dog bite injuries, because victims feel that if they could have simply exerted more control over their dogs, the dog would not have attacked them. In fact, many victims blame themselves for dog attacks that they did not even cause. They believe that they were “provoking” their dog by teasing it or touching it in ways that it didn’t like.


If you have been bitten or injured by a dog, the first thing you should do is call your local law enforcement agency and file a police report. The police will investigate the incident, and they will make sure that the dog is legally permitted to be in the city or town in which you live. Once the investigation is complete, the authorities will likely file no win no fee dog bite injuries claims against the dog owner. (This will ensure that the dog owner pays for medical and legal expenses associated with dog bite injuries, regardless of whether he or she owns the dog.)


After the dog bite injuries have been reported, you and your family may be able to work out a financial arrangement with the dog owner. Perhaps he will agree to pay for your medical bills and for your pain and suffering. Or maybe you can arrange for some counseling for your children. This should relieve some of your stress and possibly save some of your finances from being wiped out due to ongoing medical and or dental costs. Hopefully this will help you through the healing process and allow you and your family to get back to living normally.

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